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The college has established a high-speed campus-wide network connecting all departments with 450 systems. Full access is provided to all staff to access online sources of services and information through two leased lines each of 50 Mbps from Airways Communication and also a 50 MB/sec. Broadband from AIRTEL FIBERNET.A fully distributed computing environment based on clusters of workstations and PCs provides users with ready access to computing resources, services software, and applications. The environment is tailored to the specific teaching/learning needs of each department.

Computing Resources

NSIT has excellent IT facilities for students and faculty. 450 Computer systems are available in the campus with LAN connection. The highly configured system available is the i5 Processor 11th Gen at 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz with 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, and 1TB HDD. There are 2 servers available in the server room to provide network connectivity in the campus.

Institutional Computer Details

S.NoLocationTotal No. of Systems
1.Computer Center-18802-90
2.Computer Center - 29803-101
3.Computer Center - 34703-50
4.Network Lab30--30
5.PG Research Lab17 02-19
6.Power System Simulation3002-32
8.Digital Library1701-18
9.S & H-05-05
10.EDC Cell-04-04
11.Admin Office--0505
12.Chairman Office--0505
13.Admission Cell-- 0101
14.Principal Office--0202
15.Exam Cell--0505
16.IQAC--12 12
17.Placement Cell--0101
Total (Including discarded computers)17467

Total No. of Systems Students usage only393
Total No. of Systems Staff usage25
Total No. of Systems Office usage 32
Total No. of discarded computers17
Total No. of Systems as per stock467


The college website provides all the essential information for the stakeholders. Updates in technology shared by faculty as blogs in the website in case of emergency, and Google classroom used for the teaching-learning process. In an Emergency situation, the class notes assignments are uploaded in Google classrooms. A bulk ERP-SMS facility is also available to communicate important messages to all students and faculty. Webinar and Alumni talk series in a collaborative manner, Google meet license is purchased for Google rooms.

CCTV Surveillance

The NSIT campus has a complete CCTV camera system. It helps in monitoring the activities of the students especially during the exam time and also a better security performance that will make it much easier to regularly monitor the daily activities of the students, staff, workers, and members of the public inside the campus.


NSIT has the policy to deploy and upgrade the IT infrastructure and associated facilities as and when it is required. The new/additional computer laboratories are developed, systems are upgraded and necessary software is procured based on the syllabus. This enables the arrival, installation and testing of the equipment’s before the commencement of the academic year. Each and every laboratory is equipped with the following IT infrastructure and associated facilities. A fully Wi-Fi campus with high speed 70 MBPS band width for computer lab, networks lab with LAN, WLAN connection is provided. All faculty and student are permitted to use laptops using Ethernet ports. The separate budget is allocated for IT laboratory upgradations of net speed every year. The IT laboratory equipped with following physical and IT facility.

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