Entrepreneurship Development Cell was established in the college with the vision “Turn around the “Job seekers” into “Job Creators” in the year 2015. Entrepreneur Development Cell was formed on 30.01.2015.R PSarathy Institute of Technology has started the Entrepreneur & Technopreneur Cell to give exposure to students on what it takes to set up one's own industry/organisation. The students are trained for entrepreneurship and business plans by Native lead Foundation to encourage budding business people. The management of RPSIT encourages the students to work on innovative business ideas and support their business ventures as mentors. This is done under the stewardship of our Entrepreneur and Technopreneur Club.EDC has 1000 Sft space and its own audio-visual equipment. Entrepreneurship Lab in the college is supplementing the existing UG Courses namely ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Intellectual Property Rights’.


Turn around the “Job seekers” into “Job Creators”.


  • Create conducive atmosphere to motivate young students towards Entrepreneurship.
  • Develop necessary infrastructure and facilities to initiate venture start-ups
  • Integrate entrepreneurial resources like financial, infrastructural and government policy matters.
  • Creation of first generation entrepreneurs in a conducive environment where budding entrepreneurs can venture into start-ups and realize the path for a successful Entrepreneurship through the resources of EDC Cell.

Objectives of EDC

Entrepreneurship is a attitude that can be developed by any learner who dream to become an employer. The increasing demand and recognition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for ensuring the welfare of the society and economic growth of an individual have motivated this great leap forward to promote the Entrepreneurship Development Cell. With proper motivation, Entrepreneurship can be inculcated into the minds of young professionals. Thus this Cell aims to promote Techno-entrepreneurship more systematically and comprehensively with a focus on incubating all feasible ventures through technology intervention.

The following are the major objectives,

  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Incubation of technical projects/start-ups.
  • Creating awareness about Transfer of Technology.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs to promote Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Commercialization of R&D products and processes.
  • Helping towards marketing of Products & Processes.

Activities of EDC

The EDC has been conducting entrepreneurial activities like guest lectures on Entrepreneurship related subjects since 2015, June. One day motivation program, a boot camp and a visit to entrepreneur conclave were conducted on themes like ‘Venture Start-Ups’, ‘Life Science businesses’, Launching of Technology Ventures’ and ‘Venture capital funding’.

Entrepreneurship club

In order to create Entrepreneurial ambience in the college premises, a constant and continuous perseverance is required. Formation of a Club with student and Staff members is a continuous process. Sharing ideas, helping each other to make prototypes, collecting information jointly, conducting camps and help in promoting enterprises will be the major activities of the club.

Why RPSIT Stands Best For EDC?

  • RPSIT- EDC Cell is that to create a excellent platform for self-employment, promoteinnovation, incubation and entrepreneurial skill through formal and non-formal programs.
  • Initiated more number of start-ups by our RPSIT Students in our campus and outside too.
  • Received DST NIMATT funding nearly 1 lakh.
  • We arein the way of Creatinga Incubation Centre in our campus.
  • We have signed Two and more MoU’s .
  • We provide knowledge to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship through this EDC.
  • Making our students to be aware of the immense pool of resources and networks available to them.
  • We have planned to initiate the balloon satellite project in our campus with the support of ISRO.
  • The cell is a facilitator for the leaders on the campus to follow their dreams.

Why Entrepreneurship at Engineering?

  • Engineering is important. It is also challenging and exciting. Engineers use models provided by science combined with innovative thinking to solve problems and create new designs the benefit humanity.
  • Engineers who start companies soon after graduation, Entrepreneurship education gives them solid experience in product design and development, prototyping, technology trends, and market analysis.
  • Important as it has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth, not only for the entrepreneurs, but also for related businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs also help drive change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed.

Three major convincing reasons why Engineers can be good Entrepreneurs too :

Making a successful new business can be a daunting task. However, if an engineer has a few traits that will help in making the task a bit easier.

  • Engineers are capable of solving problems The engineering field is replete with people who are well-trained to solve a myriad of problems. Engineers are given training to think logically and to pursue a methodology to find useful solutions. This is how the engineering industry brings value to consumers. It forms the basis of a flourishing business.
  • Engineers are optimistic :Engineering courses educate students to persist with even in an adverse situation. An engineer always comes up with a positive frame of mind and will not give up until a solution is found. An entrepreneur should persevere and should continue to move ahead in the face of tough situation. An individual’s attitude and approach spell out the difference between success and failure.At times, a business head may fluff the public to ensure the reputation of his firm’s reputation and values remain intact. Instead of believing in the concept of mistruths, an engineer will not mince any words in telling the truth. This attitude creates confidence with consumers. This way, people with an engineering background will have a positive impact on the business environment.
  • Engineers have modesty and a longing for knowledge An engineer is not scared to learn new things and gain more knowledge. This attitude results in the growth of individual as well as that of a company’s. Once a new product or service is launched into the market, it falls on the engineer to identify the best target market for the products.Though an entrepreneur has an engineering background still it will not come in the way of casting a positive influence on the firm.